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Compressed air from Dürr Dental

Apart from the powerful suction systems where a central separation system can be installed upline, Dürr Dental also offers central compressed air stations for clinics with refrigerator-dryer and cyclone separator for up to 130 workplaces per station (e.g. P 12000). The combined installation of the matching compressed air and suction systems offers a number of cost benefits and synergy effects for the operator.


Extremely compact

The frame takes up the same floor area with compressed air and suction systems. Minimum space required. The systems V 6000 to V 18000 and P 6000 to P 12000 have the same design. Advantage: A number of units tailored to each project for the exactly calculated number of treatment chairs/phantom workplaces.


Simple operation thanks to PLC

The systems are controlled via a programmable logic controller (PLC). That simplifies operation and ensures optimum control comfort. The modern control unit also directly controls the operational safety: e.g. through the additional automatic cooling and automatic load switching of the units for optimisation of the service life.


Bacteria filter for the compressor intake

The selected bacteria filter type is employed on the suction system as an exhaust air germ filter and in the compressed air system as an intake air bacteria filter – that simplifies the stocking of spare parts. The filter ensures hygienic air and long service lives. Filter changing is necessary only every approx. 8,000 hours. The display signals the necessary change so that it is not forgotten.


Central remote monitoring

The remote monitoring (visualisation) of the compressed air stations is possible thanks to a central monitoring system which monitors all the units, e.g. the checking of error messages, operating hours, filter changes, operation, etc. It can also be linked to the existing central control centre via floating contacts.



For up to 130 workplaces with max. 80 operators at the same time. For up to 130 workplaces with max. 100 operators at the same time.


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