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NewTom GiANO

NewTom GiANO – The best possible image-assisted diagnostics in dentistry

All the possible choices in one touch. NewTom GiANO adapts to your work, optimizes your time, satisfies your needs. A hybrid platform with exceptional performances.

12 configurations
Hybrid technology
Rapid update
Dedicated 2D and 3D detectors

The best way of distinguishing your work. In full harmony with NewTom’s philosophy, NewTom GiANO unites advanced technology and simplicity of use, thereby ensuring you excellent diagnostic analyses in a short time. Adapt the platform to your needs: three exceptional solutions, easy to adapt and flexible. One system, multiple functions. Choose the best, NewTom GiANO offers you a wide range of 2D analyses, cephalometric projections and all the best of 3D technology. All in one.

PAN. The advanced kinematics and the dedicated 2D detector make it possible to obtain an exceptional HD panoramic imaging and a broad spectrum of analyses, such as orthogonal projections of the dentition, Bitewing X-rays, multi-angle views of the temporomandibular joints and a study of the maxillary sinuses. Automatic selection between the 2D and the 3D detectors.

CEPH. Ultra rapid scan, within an ultra compact space. Full choice of teleradiographic images thanks to the dedicated programs. Maximum results with a relocatable detector for cephalometric projections, capable of being hooked onto the teleradiographic arm and fastened onto a safety device.

CBCT. With the Cone Beam 3D technology, a single scan generates an infinity of high definition data (75 µm) for the sake of a new method of work. Enlarge your diagnostic imagining. The full dentition from every HD perspective.










Field of View










Full perfection in 2D

Perfection in two dimensions. NewTom GiANO elevates to excellence the quality of panoramic and cephalometric examinations, all of them available for your clinic.

  • Optimized focal layer
  • Uniform enlargement for all the projections
  • Advanced kinematics (3 engines): 2 translations, 1 rotation
  • Fast positioning, Face To Face, 4 Laser traces
  • Lower X-Ray dose



A highly synchronized kinematics structured around a rotary motion and two simultaneous translatory movements, for purposes of a constant enlargement of all the projections. The optimiszed focal layer follows the morphology of the patient, for the sake of images always in focus and a universe of high definition details.

 GiANO High-end competitor 
 Constant magnification  Uneven magnification
1 rotary movement and 2 simultaneous translatory movements 1 rotary movement and 2 simultaneous translatory movement only


Clever Collimators

The primary servo-controlled collimator allows to select the appropriate area for X-ray exposure, minimizing the dose. The secondary collimator is concealed within the rotating module, allowing more space for both operator and patient.


Safe beam technology (Patented) 

Targeted software and pre-acquisition tools for the best result. What you desire. Giano facilitates your work through the innovative patented SAfe Beam TEchnology. Automatically secure the recognition of the patients morphology for a correct X-ray exposure and an optimal image. With the aid of Safe Beam TEchnology, there is no need to plan exposure times or technical factors such as the kV or mA level. Giano avoids over-or under-exposed images, thereby preserving the quality of your diagnostics and avoiding useless radioogenic does to the patient.

Virtual Control Panel



The acquisition process is simple and intuitive. The user receives step-by-step guidance via a virtual control panel (on PC or iPad), from the choice of examination to patient positioning and the start/execution of the scan itself.


Clinical Cases


NNT – One Software for all your needs

Everything you need to carry out diagnoses, communicate with the patient and effect the best possible treatment. Optimised images with automatic filters.

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