General Details

From patient chair to dental unit, from dentist to patient, ergonomics is a key element in the establishment of optimal working conditions and maximum comfort for everyone. S200 brings all the essential elements together in a compact space that lets the dental team work easily and efficiently. Dental unit and patient chair have been designed to let the dentist work comfortably in every position and provide maximum patient comfort.

The dental units in this series are available in the International hanging tubing and Continental reflex arm instruments. Ever-more attentive to ergonomic design, Stern Weber provides a patient chair with outstanding anatomic shaping, smooth movement and a headrest that is seen as the industry benchmark.


Standard Configuration available

  • Venus Plus Halogen Operating Light
  • Dentist Element
    • Position 1: 3-way syringe
    • Position 2: Non -Fibre-optic Micromotor iXR3
    • Position 3: Non-Fibre optic Module only (handpiece not included)
    • Position 4: Fibre-optic Module only (handpiece not included)
    • Position 5: Free / Unoccupied
  • Assistant Element
    • Position 1: 3-way syringe
    • Position 2: High Vacuum
    • Position 3: Saliva Ejector


1 dentist stool included


Possibilities for expansion later on

  • Fibre-Optic Module
  • Fibre-optic Micromotor
  • Non Fibre-optic scaler at pos. 5
  • Fibre-optic scaler at pos. 5
  • Atlaxis 3 Headrest
  • Memory Foam upholstery
  • T-LED Light Cure at position 4 of Assistant Element
  • Motorized Cuspidor
  • Power Pedal foot control
  • Monitor Arm (without Monitor)
  • Additional stool (01 No.)

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