S280 TRC

General Details

Thanks to outstanding compactness, the dental unit structure, together with the suspended patient chair design, creates plenty of space for the medical staff, making treatment easier and allowing dentists to express their talent in full. The S280TRC combines a host of tangible, practical aspects with a multitude of ergonomic solutions and innovative technologies, creating an original, to-be-discovered integrated treatment centre that is ready to inspire.

The main innovation on the TRC Series lays in the two instrument control panels with touch-screen technology. Smart Touch or Full Touch, the choice is yours.

Smart Touch, consisting of two areas, a touch-sensitive one and another with a classic keypad, is provided as standard. The dentist interacts with dynamic menus via the touch-screen display to set hygiene parameters, adjust and personalize instrument settings and monitor all the devices integrated with the dental unit software. The keypad, instead, provides an array of rapid controls, mainly for movement of the patient chair.

The optional Full Touch display, with a large 5.7” glass screen is, instead, a leap into the future. It is an on-board computer with a powerful microprocessor and, with it’s an open-source platform, is always ready to incorporate new functions.

Standard Configuration available

  • Venus Plus Halogen Operating Light
  • Dentist Element with SMART TOUCH panel
    • Position 1: 6-way syringe
    • Position 2: Fibre-optic Micromotor iXR3L
    • Position 3 & 4: Fibre optic Module only (handpiece not included)
    • Position 5: Free / Unoccupied
  • Assistant Element
    • Position 1: 6-way syringe
    • Position 2: High Vacuum
    • Position 3: Saliva Ejector

1 Dentist Stool included


Possibilities for expansion later on

  • Non-Fibre-optic scaler at pos. 5 of dentist element – SCA2S
  • Fibre-optic scaler at pos. 5 of dentist element – SCA2S
  • Atlaxis 3 Headrest
  • Memory Foam Extra-comfort upholstery
  • LED Operating Light in place of Halogen Light
  • T-LED Light Cure at position 4 of Assistant Element
  • Motorized Cuspidor
  • Power Pedal foot control
  • IWFC (Integrated Water Flushing System)
  • Automatic Wash & disinfection System for Suction
  • Monitor Arm (without Monitor)
  • Additional Stool (01 No.)
  • Endo / Implant Micromotor in place of Fibre-optic Micromotor
  • Integrated Apex locator
  • Full touch Control panel
  • Peristaltic Pump

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