General Details

S Series is a range of dental units in which the patient chair and the unit body are attached to each other and the movements of patient chair and unit body are synchronized. The user reaps the benefits of a fluid workflow, allowing treatment to be carried out in a full range of positions, with or without the assistant at the patient chair.

Freedom of choice is the most effective way of creating an integrated treatment centre that falls into line with user’s personal work patterns and operating style, allowing them to express their skills to perfection and experience the dental unit exactly as desired. The two ergonomic models of the series – Continental and International – incorporate the full range of available optional: instruments, systems, accessories.

As standard on the S300, the Smart Touch instrument control panel is divided between a touch-sensitive zone that allows user-friendly display and interaction with dental unit parameters and a more traditional keypad that controls patient chair movement and positioning. Alternatively, the latest-generation Full Touch control panel is available: this features a 5.7” glass capacitive-type touch screen that links the dentist to the on-board computer governing the entire dental unit and all its integrated devices, such as instruments, hygiene devices, lights, patient chair and cuspidor bowl. On the Continental version an incorporated accelerometer allows this instrument to be flipped from the horizontal to the vertical and vice versa.

Standard Configuration available

  • Venus Plus Halogen Operating Light
  • Dentist Element with SMART TOUCH panel
    • Position 1: 6-way syringe
    • Position 2: Fibre-optic Micromotor iXR3L
    • Position 3 & 4: Fibre optic Module only (handpiece not included)
    • Position 5: Free / Unoccupied
  • Assistant Element
    • Position 1: 6-way syringe
    • Position 2: High Vacuum
    • Position 3: Saliva Ejector

1 Dentist Stool included


Possibilities for expansion later on

  • Non-Fibre-optic scaler at pos. 5
  • Fibre-optic scaler at pos. 5
  • Atlaxis 3 Headrest
  • Memory Foam upholstery
  • LED Operating Light in place of Halogen Light
  • T-LED Light Cure at position 4 of Assistant Element
  • Motorized Cuspidor
  • Power Pedal foot control
  • IWFC (Integrated Water Flushing System)
  • Automatic Wash & disinfection System for Suction
  • Monitor Arm (without Monitor)
  • Additional Stool (01 No.)
  • Endo / Implant Micromotor in place of Fibre-optic Micromotor
  • Integrated Apex locator
  • Full touch Control panel
  • Peristaltic Pump

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