S320 TR

General Details

TR Series is characterized by a free-standing unit body, independent from the patient chair and its movements. This series ensures top-of-the-category performance and maximum practicality. TR series models provide dentists with optimal ergonomics, stability and plenty of space.

Innovation is the very essence of the Stern Weber world, encompassing the integration of multimedia and X-ray diagnosis devices and providing dentists with multiple layers of versatility every single day. Whatever the treatment in progress, the Full Touch control panel ensures clear, comprehensive display of both instrument and integrated system data; what’s more, it makes immediate, precise setting of primary and secondary parameters extremely easy. Parameter control and data display are optimized thanks to easy-to-use menus and user-friendly graphics of the Full Touch panel. Together, integration and ergonomics create a world where everything is within arm’s reach; the end result is more space and valuable time savings. Efficient ergonomics is smoothly incorporated into the specific model to offer a design that is a function of the user’s specific operating style.

The S320TR dental unit, available with three different ergonomic set-ups – Continental, International and Side Delivery – offers solutions that make a wide range of settings possible. Digital technology makes it possible to interact with and manage both multimedia applications and advanced instruments. Decidedly forward-thinking, the new Full Touch 5.7” glass touch-screen control panel, as standard on all models, is a technological ‘bridge’ that provides sophisticated connectivity between the dental unit and its systems, including those that are external.


Standard Configuration available

  • Venus Plus Halogen Operating Light
  • Dentist Element with FULL TOUCH Panel
    • Position 1: 6-way syringe
    • Position 2: Fibre-optic Endo / Implant Micromotor
    • Position 3 & 4: Fibre optic Module only (handpiece not included)
    • Position 5: Free / Unoccupied
  • Assistant Element
    • Position 1: 6-way syringe
    • Position 2: High Vacuum
    • Position 3: Saliva Ejector

1 Dentist Stool included


Possibilities for expansion later on

  • Non-Fibre-optic scaler at pos. 5
  • Fibre-optic scaler at pos. 5
  • Atlaxis 3 Headrest
  • Memory Foam upholstery
  • LED Operating Light in place of Halogen Light
  • T-LED Light Cure at position 4 of Assistant Element
  • Motorized Cuspidor
  • Power Pedal foot control
  • IWFC (Integrated Water Flushing System)
  • Automatic Wash & disinfection System for Suction
  • Monitor Arm (without Monitor)
  • Additional Stool (01 No.)
  • Endo / Implant Micromotor in place of Fibre-optic Micromotor
  • Integrated Apex locator
  • Full touch Control panel
  • Peristaltic Pump

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