Fona 1000C


Fona 1000C – Dental Chair Unit

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Dental Chair

Model: Fona 1000C










Built for reliability. Your value for money dental treatment unit

Fona 1000C is a durable solution based on German Baustein valve system, which is extremely powerful and resistant to water quality. Main construction parts, made of aluminum or steel are protected by phosphating and is build to survive even in demanding environment.


  • Dentist Element Side
    • Position 1: 3-way Syringe
    • Position 2: Micromotor
    • Position 3: Airrotor connection
    • Position 4: Airrotor connection
    • Position 5: Unoccupied
  • Assistant Side (Air venturi Suction System)
    • High Vac
    • Low Vac

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