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Services we provide

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    Site Planning

    Our experienced team of site planners play a pivotal role in most projects to survey site, materials suitable and electrical / water / air / drain mapping. They accurately gather all existing conditions of your site, both horizontally and vertically to give you the safety and futuristic approach to the workspace you dream.

    Using diligent research and reconnaissance methods, as well measuring our planners certify the exact location of your property lines.

    Our site planers are trained to recognize onsite development restrictions such as ledge underground utilities and other restrictive features in existing environment.

    With VILLA INDIA  our experience, diligence and accuracy in site planning will help to protect your investment.

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    Turnkey Solution

    Planning, design, completion services

    Our team of professionals will guide you from Concept to Completion. You may have a specific requirement such as a dental clinic, treatment centre, diagnostic centre, or you may have a vision of a large development such as a hospital.

    Villa India can help you on each step of the way. Our professionals can help you with a concept site plan and a financial analysis. With a preliminary study, we can show you the approx. topography, zoning info. and various special overlay districts that may exist on your site, without even leaving out office.

    We can provide and evaluate alternative designs and help you to select the best solution for your needs.

    Before purchasing a parcel for your business, hiring Villa India can save your money. We will evaluate your potential site and provide you with the information that you will need to make an informed decision whether the subject parcel, is right for your business. We can also explain the approval process to you, provide you with an estimate of the design and permitting costs and help you to determine the total projected construction cost and schedule of your project.

    Once you have made your decision to proceed with your project, we will assign our engineers to survey critical existing conditions and external factor which may affect your project and find solutions from the start.

    We will then begin the design process and invite you often to participate in all critical design decisions. We make sure the design meets your need and satisfies our goals of accuracy, cost effectiveness and sound engineering.

    Once your project is fully designed and approved by you, we will check with various agencies that will need to review the plans and issue the necessary permits.

    Upon final approval, we can assist you with the construction of the project, inspect their construction and certify the completed work. Then we can obtain necessary permits from the approving authorities.

    At Villa India, we can make an idea for your new business project and make it a reality.

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    Villa India can help you with your installation and more. Need something installed ? We can help with the following:

    • Chair
    • Compressor
    • Suction
    • RVG
    • Intra Oral X Ray
    • Panramic Unit (OPG / OPG + CEPH)
    • CBCT
    • Autoclave
    • Microscope
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    Clinic Design Solution

    An innovative approach to the art of clinic design.

    We can be your consultant for making layouts, designs concepts, furniture designs, working electrical & plumbing details.

    First we design the architectural layout of the place and then proceed to fill up the place by accurately placing the equipment so as to use it with full functionality and get the best of aesthetics by getting a unique combination of interiors that literally breathe life into the working space.

    This results in a particular design solution, unique to each project. This concept permeates to its interior providing a setting for the different uses within. We hold a common belief that the approach to each architectural project should be a comprehensive design solution.

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    AERB Certification & Accreditation

    Atomic Energy & Research Board Certification is a must for any centre using radiographic imaging device such as Intra Oral X-ray, Panoramic Unit (OPG / OPG with Ceph), CBCT unit, etc.

    Villa India offers a complete solution where you can be carefree and safe with your radio-diagnostic equipment.

    Villa India provides assistance in gap assessment and analysis based on JCI, NABH, NABL. Assessment of infrastructural, human resource and bio-medical equipment process documentation, orientation of staff and other features with respect to accreditation norms.

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    Why Villa India?

    With an experience of more than 25 years, we have highly skilled engineers suited to your take care of your needs.

    With the installation service also avail the expert opinion for better functionality and longevity of unit.




Continuously provided quality products from the right manufacturers and topped it with reliable service for over 25 years


Hired only qualified personnel and trained them to fulfill the dentist requirements


Top management technically qualified to bring only the best possible to the Indian healthcare providers


Have a PAN India presence for good outreach & employees have freedom of expression to work as a consolidated team for the client’s benefit


Have maintained an unblemished track record of dealings with clients


Have the experience of serving many Corporate & Government Institutions as well