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Sternweber Dental Chairs

Sternweber offers a range of dental treatment chairs and accessories to suit every requirement. Choose from the 6 different models (S-200, S-220, S-280, S-300, S-320 & S-380).

The Sternweber range goes beyond the usual standards and provides the latest innovations. The dental unit can incorporate a full range of add on easy to usefunctions and specialist instruments to offer a professional solution to the patient by adding memory foam, atlaxis headrest, inbuilt endo/implant motor, in built RVG/X-ray and many more.

S-200 | S-300

The S-200 & S-300 both offer a contemporary style dental chair with water unit mounted on the chair. The ergonomic concept provides the dental team with ample space, ensuring treatment is performed efficiently & fluidly. Choose between continental (over hang), international (hanging hose) and orthodontic chair option.

S-220 | S-320

This range of Sternweber offers the dental unit and the water unit mounted on the floor allowing maximum stability and extending choices for your practice. Choose between continental (over hang), international (hanging hose) and hybrid (ambidextrous) side delivery option and the S-220 and S-320 offers the most advanced technology, applied to the dental sector with all the meticulousness of those who fully understand dentists’ need.

Compact design, lighter key elements, exclusive ergonomic concepts: the new S-220 and S-320 provides the dental team with an array of benefits. Moreover, the patient chair – with its contemporary lines, independent or synchronised movements and sliding function – ensures maximum comfort.

Maximum clinical performance for those who practice, in addition to conservative dentistry, implantology and endodontics. The S-220 and S-320 is a complete integrated treatment centre. Their potential meets every specific need of one or more dentists working in the same surgery.

S-280 | S-380

The S-280 & S-380 offer the highest class of luxury, comfort and sophistication with a distinctive design. Both units offer the dental chair mounted on the water unit giving complete space and aesthetics to your practice.

A combination of precision and technological innovation, the S-380 offers a patient chair in a class of its own. With synchronized movements and lateral seat rotation, each function offers outstanding comfort in all operating positions.

The well-being of the patient, the comfort of dental staff and cutting-edge performance are all combined in the S-280 & S-380. A compact design, lighter key elements and exclusive ergonomic concepts, all in perfect balance.

A work unit that meets every specific clinical need. The new console, with a 7” multi-touch display and a powerful microprocessor, for maximum control of the dynamic instruments and integrated systems, is the beating heart of the S-280 & S-380.

Sternweber Options

  • Alongside ergonomics, the comfort factor is of prime importance. Indeed, a patient at ease enhances the working effectiveness of the medical staff. Lined with the hard-wearing upholstery in a wide choice of colours, the patient chair is deliberately shaped to ease the approach to the work area.

    Made of tough materials and featuring thoroughly tested mechanics, the patient chair offers excellent support and has a lift capacity of 190 kg.
    The optional Nordic backrest ensures lasting comfort during protracted treatment sessions and is shaped to aid dentists who work in ‘indirect vision’ mode.

    Memory foam provides exceptional comfort and proper anatomical support thanks to special upholstery options.
    Standard Backrest is shaped so that dental staff can move closer to the patient during treatment. Suitable for adults, children and any treatment type.

  • Supplied as standard, the universal headrest rotates on two axes and can be positioned for adults and children alike. The Atlaxis headrest follows the patient’s anatomy. Ultra-simple fingertip release of the pneumatic lock allows orbital movement to achieve perfect positioning, vertical adjustment included.

  • The Venus LED MCT is a major step forwards in the development of clinical lightening. The colour rendering index (CRI) exceeds 95, it’s possible to use 3 colour temperatures so users can select just the right lightening for their specific clinical disciplines. 4300K warm light for surgical treatment; 5000K neutral light for realistic colour capture. Light intensity is adjustable up to 50,000 Lux. “Composite” mode can be activated quickly to prevent premature composite polymerisation.

    The standard Venus Plus – L LED, with light intensity from 3000 to 50,000 Lux and a colour temperature of 5000K, features three-axes rotation and incorporates the no-touch sensor for adjustment via potentiometer.

  • The new 7” control panel with multitouch display has an interface that provides users with a clear, comprehensive array of information and plenty of scope for personalisation. Designed for clinical environments (resistant to impact, water and contaminants in the oral cavity), it also features screen auto-rotation so it can be positioned as desired. The control panel allows dental unit functions to be upgraded with ease as necessary. Dentists can use the USB port to upload/download diagnostic images where the integrated multimedia system is present. Clear, intuitive graphics to help speed up treatment times. Smarphone-like friendliness operation make for an extremely simple, up-to-the-minute user experience. Available on S-300 | S-320 | S-280 | S-380 units.

  • For perfect integration for implantology, Sternweber created a made-to-measure solution for implantologists. Selecting IMPLANT mode turns the Full Touch control panel into a dedicated interface for surgical operations.

    Implantologists are provided with everything needed to perform treatment, significantly speeding up workflows. Moreover, they can use the brushless micromotor, foot control and peristaltic pump incorporated in the dental unit without the workspace becoming obstructed by stand-alone devices.

    The peristaltic pump, controlled via the Full Touch control panel, is integrated into the dentist’s module, eliminating the need for any additional modules or carts around the patient chair.

    The brushless i-XS4 micromotor is integrated with the dental unit electronics, which also controls the peristaltic pump. The software allows safe and precise control of speed and torque, which can reach 70 Ncm with the EVO R20L contra angle.