Villa India Product Portfolio

3Shape Software

Design Studio

Designed for the dental clinic, 3Shape TRIOS Design Studio is an integrated same-day dentistry solution for your TRIOS intra-oral scanner. Choose sent-to-lab or in-house workflow in one software solution TRIOS Design Studio enables professionals to design and mill crowns, inlay/onlays, veneers and 3-unit bridges in the clinic in a simple and integrated workflow. A range of third party Trusted Connection mills are integrated via a validated in-house workflow. STL Export option for both scan and CAD files included for connection to other mills.

Implant Studio

Plan your prosthetic driven implant procedures with the Implant Planner software based on esthetics, intended final restoration, available bone and the overall clinical situation to deliver increased treatment predictability and better outcome. The Implant Studio software includes all features in the Implant Planner plus the ability to design custom surgical guides and directly link to selected 3D printers for in-house production or send-to external partner for production.

Clear Aligner Studio

Plan, design and produce clear aligners in your own clinic with the Clear Aligner Studio. The CAS offers you an integrated workflow right from scanning with the 3Shape TRIOS to designing and finally printing model stages on a 3D printer. Get full control over tooth movements and improved visualizations with enhanced setup and staging features, such as per aligner tooth specific movement constraints and timeline and waypoint adjustments.