Villa India Product Portfolio

3Shape Trios Intraoral Scanners

3Shape offers a wide range of intraoral scanners, right from wired to wireless and options of pod & move. It is flexible to the customer’s requirements & applications. With its insane scan speed now take a digital impression in less than a minute.

3Shape Trios Intraoral Scanner offers various features to enhance your scanning experience and also to educate the patient with A1 scan to eliminate artefacts caused by tongue & soft tissue to get a clean scan.

Real colours and shade measurement to give a realistic scenario to the patient and to the lab for a better communication.

TRIOS patient monitoring brings patient care to a new and superior level via detailed monitoring, early detection and effective communication.

TRIOS Treatment Simulator shows patient’s envisioned result of orthodontic treatment.

TRIOS Smile Design designs a smile in just minutes and shares the photo-realistic images with your patients.

TRIOS Patient Specific Motion is a digital articulator which uses the patient’s own jaw movements to highlight occlusal contact points for a better fit.

Gain next-level patient engagement and great ergonomics with TRIOS MOVE. Excite your patients by displaying their scans and treatment designs up-close, and enjoy the ease of always being able to position the set-up in the right place for optimal comfort.


Go Beyond SCANNING with 3Shape TRIOS 3 intraoral scanner that combines award-winning wireless TRIOS scan technology with next-level patient communication tools and a broad range of in-house production possibilities. Stay ahead of the game by reducing chair time, exciting patients and offering new treatment opportunities.


The most powerful 3Shape intraoral scanner to date enables patient preventive care. The new TRIOS 4 combines our established superior scanning technology with groundbreaking caries diagnostic aid. Now be scan-ready in seconds with instant-heat technology and save time with 30% more battery life.


TRIOS 5 is the ultimate TRIOS. The newest edition to the award-winning TRIOS portfolio, it boasts intelligent scan technology designed for improved hygiene, next-level ergonomics, and effortless scanning.


TRIOS MOVE+ is the ultimate patient/dentist communication tool. Show patients their digital scans and dynamic treatment information close-up, and create greater opportunities for treatment dialogue and joint decision-making.

The ergonomic and lightweight design of TRIOS MOVE+ allows you to always position the screen in the right place, and enjoy superior user experience.