Villa India Product Portfolio

NewTom GO 2D

GO 2D expands the diagnostic range with its perfect global view of teeth and exceptionally precise examinations. User-friendly, innovative, reliable. GO 2D generates perfect panoramic views enhanced by high performance image acquisition and processing.

GO 2D comes in two variant: with ceph and without ceph. GO 2D without ceph can perform PAN: adult (standard and eco), child, dentition, bitewings, SIN: PA and LL maxillary sinuses (right and left) and TMJ: Temporomandibular joint (2 x LL + 2 x PA) with mouth open and closed.

The ceph additions allow ceph acquisition in lateral, AP – PA mode and also carpus scan. GO 2D makes use of the latest CMOS technology for 2D application giving sharp details of various carniofacial regions.

MultiPan can create a set of five different panoramic images with one scan, so the user can choose the most-suitable view. This function is particularly useful when examining complex morphologies.

The NewTom unit automatically adapts exposure according to the anatomical dimensions of the patient, eliminating any risk of overestimated dosage. Emission parameters no longer need to be set manually. The device can complete scans in just 6.6 seconds, achieving minimum patient exposure.

The acquisition process is simple and intuitive. The user receives step-by-step guidance via a virtual control panel (on PC or iPad), from the choice of examination to patient positioning and the start/execution of the scan itself.

All NewTom units are offered with their in-house NNT software which is used for acquisition viewing & reporting purposes. With NNT, the user can store all types of data from RVG, OPG and CBCT in a single space for easy documentation.