Villa India Product Portfolio

NewTom GO 3D

NewTom GO 3D expands the diagnostic potential with the ideal combination of excellent 2D performance and the most innovative 3D technology.

Experience high resolution images, exceptional performance and the utmost safety. Low dose protocols and the exclusive SafeBeamTM technology allow to adapt the dose released, based on diagnostic needsand the dimensions of the anatomical area, to protect the patient’s health. Ergonomics and the adaptive alignment system ensure excellent positioning of the patient and perfect focusing for clear and detailed images.

The virtual console on tablet or PC is the ideal device to guide the operator during all phases of examination. NNT is the technologically advanced software to manage, process, consult and share diagnostic images.

GO 3D comes in two variant: with ceph and without ceph. GO 3D without ceph can perform:

PAN: adult (standard and eco), child, dentition, bitewings
SIN: PA and LL maxillary sinuses (right and left) and
TMJ: Temporomandibular joint (2 x LL + 2 x PA) with mouth open and closed.
CBCT: Eight FOV options from 6×6 cm to 10×10 cm for various applications including complete examination of the 2 arches in a single scan for adults and children with reduced collimation. Studies of the maxillary region with maxillary sinuses. Studies localised to region of interest.

The ceph additions allow ceph acquisition in lateral, AP – PA mode and also carpus scan.


SafeBeam™ technology developed and patented by NewTom automatically adapts the radiated dose to the patient’s anatomical characteristics in the chosen examination area, thus avoiding exposure to an unnecessarily high dose. An exclusive function that allows GO 2D/3D to control both power and intensity of radiations, and to obtain clear and detailed 2D and 3D images regardless of patient bone dimensions and density.


Rapid and user-friendly image acquisition with the virtual console on PC or a dedicated software for iPad. The operator follows all examination phases, from the choice of an examination to scan start.


The ApT (Autoadaptive picture Treatments) feature ensures clear and homogeneous high quality panoramic images. The system automatically adjusts focus, brightness, contrast and filters based on the anatomical district and tissues examined, always ensuring excellent results.


The highly compact teleradiographic arm completes the available 2D functions with a wide range of CEPH tests carried out with dedicated protocols for high-resolution imaging. With collimation designed to reduce X-ray doses and quick scan times the focus is on the patient’s health.