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Battery Powered Handheld

Portable Dental X-Ray

ALERIO neo portable x-ray comes with improved ergonomics, functions, and safety.

Double shield technology, lead lined cone with scatter shield and a new exposure algorithm ensure the best protection for the user and patient. High quality images are possible due to active dose control and the fine focal point. The convenience of portability and superior imaging is now available with local sales and support.

General Specification

Output kV (DC) - 60 kV, 65 kV or 70 kV Selectable

Tube mA - 2.3 mA Fixed

Exposure Time - 0.01 s – 1.0 s

Focal Spot - 0.4 mm IEC

Battery - Li-on Rechargeable

Cone Length - 200 mm, Fixed

Filtration - >1.5 mm AI

X Ray Field - 60 mm Round

No.of X-Ray per Charge - >200