Villa India Product Portfolio

NewTom 5G XL

NewTom 5G XL is the innovative device that provides highly detailed volumetric images.

The only CBCT device with lying-down patient positioning, it maximises stabilisation and offers a broad range of FOVs, resulting in ultra-high quality 2D and 3D X-ray images that are perfect for multiple medical fields: dental-maxillofacial diseases, otorhinolaryngology applications, complete analysis of airways and examination of joints, bones and the cervical spine.


The versatile and powerful imaging software to perform the examination, process data and share the diagnosis.

NNT is the essential tool to process and manage 2D and 3D images and X-ray videos (CineX). A software that adapts the user interface and offers dedicated analysis functions for the specific needs of radiologists and specialist physicians. Volume reconstruction algorithms and advanced filters created by NewTom’s experience optimise final image quality and reduce the presence of artifacts and time required for image reconstruction.